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Welcom at flek'n. I'm Fleuri-anne, the person behind flek'n and I live in Zaandam, the Netherlands with my husband and two cats. 

In daily life I have to cope with CPRS, or the impact of CRPS. It's a chronic pain syndrome and I have it in my leg. Because of it I can't work 40 hours a week and that's why I started painting and illustrating. Besides that I volunteer two days a week. I read at a elementary school and I paint with elderly in a nursing home. 


I partly taught myself how to illustrate, by watching a lot of videos of other illustrators. From an early age I started drawing and in high school I learned a lot more and started to experiment with different styles through the course of CKV (cultural artistic education if I'm right). I still wonder why I didn't try to go to the art academy it's also something I still regret not doing. 

Eventually I got my bachelor's degree in Media and Communication and fortunatly I had to be creative while writing essays and articles, do assignments in Photoshop and make websites and magazines. 

After my bachelor I focussed on painting and illustrating and since September 2015 I have a shop at Society6! Hopefully I will open a shop at Etsy soon. 

Besides my creativeness, my husband and are four-legged friends, I love to read, eat good food and drink lots of tea!

Would you like to chat? Contact me!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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